Camera Sketch


My name is Geordie Mott and I am the creative behind the lens at Wooden Shoe Photography. I didn’t know it at the time, but I’ve been telling stories through art and images ever since I was a small kid. Drawings at first, then paintings, collages and then photography.


I’ve stuck with photography, film and video because of how difficult my first teachers told me it would be – and because there were a lot of girls using the darkrooms at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.


Almost two decades later I am still enamoured with photography because I get to run around outside and connect with new people from all over the world by telling their stories through still and moving images. 


I am always on the hunt for new and interesting things. My current project is an exciting new photography / history / tourism business called Picture Perfect Tours based here in Halifax, NS.

Documentary. Video. Event. Commercial. How can I help tell your story ?